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Stella Forest redefines the meaning of affordable luxury. Designed in the heart of Paris, the brand offers a beautifully curated selection of travel inspired women’s-wear with unique colours, patterns and materials.


Stella Forest takes you on an emotional journey sharing and respecting a synthesis of cultures.

Contemporary and in touch with trends whilst still remaining true to the ethnically chic designs, the brand’s strong identity hinges on exclusive prints. The diversity of the cultural references along with the designer’s visionary sense, the character of the patterns and constant evolution, all make Stella Forest a real trademark.

The Stella Forest woman is free and creative and in tune with enriching her life artistically and culturally.

Created in 1998 by Christel Boniface and Raymond Bitton, Stella Forrest is now distributed in over 400 stores worldwide including seven stand-alone concept stores in both France and Brussels.