Munthe AW18 Innocenza Fashion Agency

Munthe was originally founded over 20 years ago in 1994 as Munthe plus Simonsen by Karen Simonsen and Naja Munthe. The brand was started with the intention to push boundaries.




“In the first wild years we most definitely did it all, from T shirts with printed blow jobs to glossy books featuring Cindy Crawford-we can proudly say surprise was always in our blood” says Founder and Creative Director, Naja Munthe.



In 2009 the brand became Munthe as Naja Munthe took sole responsibility to drive the brand forward. Munthe goes by the old mantra ‘anything is possible’. This is reflected not only in their beautiful collections, the craftsmanship of the garments, and the numerous awards won but also the roll out of stores and concessions. The brand is now stocked in over 200 stores in 21 different countries with two fashion show taking place in Denmark each year attracting press, stylists and buyers from worldwide. Naja has spent 20 years honing her craft to ensure that every detail is perfect and on brand - the look, the art work, and the stores. No detail is overlooked!

Munthe also encompasses a strong entrepreneurial drive alongside its dynamic creativity; the flagship store in the heart of Copenhagen, which also houses the design studio, showcases this.

The collection has a distinctive look, which is easily recognisable. Constantly evolving to stay ahead of the competition, Munthe retains at its core a dedication to quality and powerful femininity. Their signature DNA lies in the contrast, and this is where the magic happens, between the raw and the refined, between the clean and embellished, the relaxed and constructed. 

The collections are rich in detail and dipped in decoration. Always inspired by art, think wardrobe staples mixed with the avant garde, statement yet wearable prints, showpiece surprises and knitwear.

“Our girl is goddamn cool! Not cool as in cold and distant – but cool as in strong. Confident and fun loving. She feels intrigued by and welcomed into our universe”

The clothes are designed for every woman in mind, enhancing freedom both in style and fit. “We know that there are as many body shapes as there are women and we aim to create clothes that will make women feel confident and beautiful.”

At its heart, and its truest aim, Munthe want to welcome you into their world, the sense of community among the 45 employees at Munthe is what ties everything together.

Click to view the Munthe AW18 Showbook

Click to view the Munthe AW18 Showbook