Inno_Edition004_1_2000x2500.jpg is collective founded on the nuance of the individual.

Our approach to creativity and design is to champion the idiosyncratic and the experimental. Our projects, ideas, and products speak for themselves.

There is no uniform or prescribed look. The brand encapsulates a multitude of approaches to modern and contemporary style; strong and feminine, casual and statement, effortless and discerning, explorative and self-styled.

Boundary-pushing yet integrated into the everyday, the product is at the heart of the ethos. explores the concept of knitwear as fashion over function with pieces designed to be worn season-on-season. A youthful yet elegantly executed sensibility is seen in the collection’s exploration of trims and details; from one-of- a-kind ostrich feathers and hand-sewn sequins to statement layered tulle, lace and organza, and colourful textures.

For Autumn Winter 2018, the project extends into shirts, with the same modern, statement and contemporary approach.