Launched in 2005, Charlotte Wooning is a Dutch jewellery brand designed by Charlotte Wooning herself. Handmade in Rotterdam, Holland, Charlotte works with genuine materials such as sterling silver, gold-plated silver and gemstones. She runs a small workshop with personally trained artisans who create the jewels with her signature in each piece.


“Every item is handmade with love. It is important to me that a woman feels feminine and beautiful in her being. My jewels emphasize this feeling in a subtle way. I believe my jewels are personal and they become a part of oneself when wearing one. I enjoy designing beautiful things and I feel this love for my work is visible in the pieces I make.” 

She finds her inspiration in traditional materials and textiles. Looking in antique stores, markets and people’s closets and cabinets she finds extraordinary materials that inspire her in designing jewels that express a new and fresh interpretation of the past. The collection grows organically with new items added every season. Key designs always stay in the collection.

Charlotte’s design philosophy is to create simple, elegant & delicate jewellery made of genuine quality materials. Her work is feminine, in a contemporary fashion, emphasizing the beauty of the female body. Her jewels are timeless beauties, because of their authentic materials and refined style.