Amidst traditional heritage and contemporary originality, lies an Eaux de Parfum of distinction. Masterfully crafted from the strictest selection of essential oils; Le Chabaud’s unisex Eaux de Parfums, Candles and Interior Fragrances are highly concentrated and liberated by an olfactory wealth. Each fragrance represents a singular composition fashioned to evoke emotions made of mystery, sensuality and indefinable poetry.


Hand crafted by the Chabaud family in the heart of Montpellier every sent carries a silky finesse and sophisticated character.

Famous for its ties to the 15th Century international Trade route, Montpellier has access to an exclusive market of the finest essential oils used by perfumiers, pharmacists and doctors alike. Upholding tradition and honouring the art of perfumery has allowed La Maison de Chabaud to craft a luxury selection of fragrances which are internatiovnally recognised.

Chabaud’s dedication to maintain the highest standard in quality means that the all their products are 100% made in France. The glassware comes from traditional glass blowing houses in Normandy, the candles are handmade in Provence and the fragrances are mixed in Grasse, the historic perfume capital. 

As an esteemed Perfumier, Le Chabaud can be found in all major global destinations. International stockists include Mona Market Concept Store in Paris, Baldovinetti 39 in Rome, Osswald Parfumerie in New York, Radical Market in Tokyo and Colibri in London amongst others.